Malta, where rabbits don´t like to live

Malta, where rabbits don´t like to live

How much do you want to change into American Dollars?

Well….1000 euros !

When above 1000 euros, there is a bank increase fee for the money you change !

Well…I want to change 999 euros !

The lady was astonished, by I kept serious looking. Not a matter of start laughing openly.

The fact is that Egypt and Sudan want the airport taxes and fuel payed in cash, dollars. If I want to pay in euros, they apply a direct change: one dollar for one euro. A 10% loss of money, nosense.

So now I have the dollars, and best of all, this morning I got the Sudan clearance and a few minutes ago, the Egypt one.

Now I can fly until Argentina, where there is no way to get a clearance.

I have been told by local pilot to straight, forget even asking the clearance and just go there.

But first I have to reach Argentina…..and it will not be a piece of cake.

Malta is a beautiful island, plenty of history. The capital is heavily fortified, with a huge harbor.


I was told that Germans, during WWII, decided not to attack there from sea. Parachuting was also a dangerous operation, so, Malta was a important position for allies, and was kept as it.


Hurricanes and Spitfires where operating at the old airfield, where the Museum stands now.


Nice people at the Museum. They even told me that a spanish DC2 landed there in 1938.

The collection is small, but spirit is high.


Malta has 400000 inhabitants. Tourist visiting are four times the local people. What a good rate !

Just 20 ultralights and 20 light aircrafts operates at the only Malta airport, called Lucca. They fly at together with big airliners. Reminds me La Aurora airport in Guatemala. But including ultralights.

Roderick Abela, is the Secretary of Aeroclub Malta. He was kind to meet me first, and later to drive me into the Museum. He is found of aviation and I have been surprise how well he is informed, about civil and military airplanes, together with history. It was a nice meeting and interesting. I will wait for his visit when he come with his airplane into Madrid.


Tomorrow will be an early get up. Legs start to be longer and soon, will close the 10 hours.

I feel older 🙂 !

I have to check before departing, the aethalometer. I suspect that the rubber feeding line is restricted somewhere. There is a huge sand area in the air, all along my path. University of Granada is very interested on studying it. So it is important that everything works properly.


Clean energy flight !



Astrotracker MK2

More water to overfly, and temperatures rising. Only thinking on Egypt and Sudan scares me.

The storks and vultures there, are very interesting, because ….they are fried !!!!

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Schneider_p / Oct 3, 2016 10:29 pm / Reply

My dear friend,
there are many ways to put one`s life into danger. Last week I flew the MiG 15 at Santa Fe New Mexico. But that was only for one hour, yeees and I rolled the MiG!
Your way down there is a very long one. I wish you all the best, in my thoughts I am sitting with you in the cockpit, yees on the aethalometer maybe…hoping that everything goes well.

Blue skies and always tailwinds,

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