Fuel Dump Valve Completed

Fuel Dump Valve Completed

Michel is not only a great pilot, but is is an inventor and fabricator. He designs and builds the custom parts needed for his aircraft!

The fuel dump valve is finished and ready to be installed in the rear fuel tank. On top of the system is an aluminum fuel tube that will be a guide inside the tank for the pulling piano wire. The valve will be riveted at the bottom of the fuel tank, together with a 2,5 aluminum flange, that will allow to attach a tube that will guide the dumped fuel through the bottom of the copilot seat, into the outside of the fuselage.


There will be a flange cut into the end of that tube, to provide a venturi effect and help to drain the tank faster.

There are two reasons to build that fuel dump valve:

First is being able to lighten the plane as much as possible, would I have an engine failure below 1500’ AGL (above ground level), where parachuting myself is not safe.

Second is to allow a compatible landing weight, should I have to go into any airport before emptying that rear tank (emergency return, unpredictable weather change, health problem or whatever).

The fuel dumping systems can be found in large aircraft. Not many Earthrounders use it (depending of the length of the legs, it can be useful).

My best bet us never using it!


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