Many tourists arrive every day and visit both the Rock and the nearby mountain called Olgas.

Yulara is not a city, it is a kind of resort where many hotels and restaurants do stay together.

The Rock, as it is called, is some 12 kms south.


So it is a place to see a beautiful sky during the night, and enjoying trekking around.

The lucky ones can rent a light airplane sighting flight, or a helicopter one.

The lucky ones between the lucky ones, can fly their dear RV8 the time they want, with a 360 view, if the neck allows such a bird head movement.

But rules have to be complied: it is not free flight, but a pattern to be followed including radio procedures. It is the Australian way and that means cool, kind and enjoyable.

I had planned to stay two nights there, but the hotel price was some $460 per night, not including the breakfast. I cannot afford such prices, so I decided to stay just one night.

The hotel was nice, so I was able to rest and enjoy the moment.

I feel very grateful with the security people at the airport: they took care of me and drove me into the hotel. So far, generally all the people I have met are very nice and that leaves a very positive feeling in my inside.

So, after fighting with the Visa paid fuel pump, I was able to fly into south.

My Headsets seemed to work fine, and no background noise was present. Cleaning my Icom 210 radio contacts didn´t solve anything, and the radio kept inoperative trying to reboot all the time.

I took off happy to get rid of the unbearable background noise and then turned the aethalometer on.

And there, was again the nerve killing sound. Turned the aethalometer off, and then, background off.

Mmmmm, I think that the problem is identified now….welcome brainstorming !

The aethalometer has been having some problems, and those were finally fixed. That involved isolating the input plug and power switch. I did install a breaker provided by Paco and Mayte, but also removed from the power line, a diode.

That missing diode can be the responsible of the background noise: now the nasty waves can return freely into the aircraft electrical !

So, besides of installing the skis, the 50 hrs engine revision, and more stuff to do, I have to install that diode back.

Free time???? What is that???

Runway in use was 31, so the pattern had to be flown the contrary. I climbed to 4000 ft and flew into the inbount entry point of Olgas. Flew its side westwards, then turned south and right again north climbing to 4500 ft. Once the exit point was flown, I proceeded into the entry point of the Rock. Followed the designed path and then said goodbye to everybody, turning south East, away from the ¨sensitive area¨.

That area is, I think an Aborigen area, and may be a D (Danger) area, because you can be hit by a boomerang. Better to avoid that area !


The unseen side of the Rock

And the desert, and more desert.

Huge flat area, sometimes disturbed by 3000 ft mountains, or huge dry rivers, or salty dry lakes.


Crossing the river


Road to nowhere


Shark teeth slopes

I have removed my left external wing tank fuel breather and fortunately got the fuel tank 100 % operative again. That was good news.

Then, sitting in my fighter, I was able to combat the flies. Soon, I was able to count more than 216 flies shot down and recorded in my windshield. Later on, some 400 or 500 more were shot down using my deadly wing leading edge !


Air is quiet dry all the area. Even drinking a lot was not enough to visit the toilets.

Thermals became powerful and again I started to play the roller coasters. Fortunately the turbulence was light, so more or less ok.

Land turned into little bit greener. Just softly.


Green snake

Roads, dirt roads started to increase in number and even sometimes, I was able to see two or three homes together, separated some 60 or 80 kms from the closest ones. I cannot understand how can people live so isolated.

Some even had their own dirt runways, or even two.

I was enjoying beautiful areas: I wanted remote and I got remote!

Finally Mildura came in sight. Finally a city, with stores and nice places. Something I have not enjoyed since entering Egypt.

Mildura is a nice place, wetted by one of the two most important Australian rivers. Wine is produced here, and also olives. Even there is a Mall next to my hotel, so I have been able to buy stuff to build my solar compass. One of that stuff is a pencil !

Tomorrow I fly fly into Hobart Cambridge. Tasmania it is said to be nice. And weather for the trip is good enough !

Now my head is very active. I am concerned about Antarctica.

I would be ready for the fly-in next November the 1st. Meanwhile I will test the skis to check the actual drag. Also convert myself again in a polar man.

My avgas would be arriving into Mario Zucchelli antarctica station by November the 7th.

If weather is good before that day, I will load mogas instead and go for it, for the south Pole !!!

I am entering the ¨Arena¨ ….

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Patrick Gilligan / Oct 28, 2016 12:12 pm / Reply

Michel, I’ve been following your flight to Hobart I’m anxious for you to install my skis & I am on standby to support you if you have any questions or encounter any issues, which I doubt Drag will be negligable since the air will be colder and your propeller more efficient Contact me anytime night or day!

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