Javier Anadon was Major at the spanish Air Force. We was leadering an Academy called Ciro, to prepare entrance exams to enter the Air Force Academy.

It was winter time, the classroom blackboard was hardly visible because of the cigarettes smoke.

Guys, I want to tell you something…

I do know that many of you will not care, but I will be happy if just one or two of you, get the message.

When somebody wish anything, he has to fight for it. Not a simple and easy fight. It has to be fully committed to reach the goal.

I am not talking about trying the 85%, or the 95%. It has to be the 100%.

The reason is simple. If you don´t do the 100 %, it could arrive that you think that that 1% or even lower amount, is the responsible of not reaching the goal, and that will make you unhappy, and eve worse: you will make other unhappy because of your own frustration.

That message was tattooed in my mind and drove my life.

I have done always my best to reach my goals, and when those goals were not reached, I felt right, because I had done my best, my 100%.

My 1998 and 2001 flights were very special. Flying at that time across Russia and China with a Kitfox, at 80 mph is special.

The aircraft as balcony of the world, infinite horizons, no border lands, and the air with or against the soul, is something that has fulfilled my spirit.

I really desired to see again that world, those remote areas, as remote as dangerous because of extreme and again, remote.

Infinite horizons?

Not always…

And not because of the huge thunderstorms, low clouds, dust, or whatever, but because our human imprint.

Horizons turned to be yellow, or grey, even almost black. That it is also because of us: we are one of the big Black Carbon producers.

Telling the world about where the BC extends its fingers, providing unique scientific information, retrieved at medium altitude with an airplane, where there is no other information but the one provided by a satellite, was also the goal to be achieved.

And…..I did it !!!!

The victory roll over Madrid Cuatro Vientos airport has no special meaning for many people, but it had a huge meaning for this difficult and demanding project. My own life was committed.

That roll was also like a sand clock. It was the end and the start of another cycle.

I am becoming older and I feel that my body is the first one to complain. But also I know that my mind is quiet, happy and relaxed. That cycle, is quite related with Javier Anadon words. And my life also.

I have tried to share as much as I could, writing blogs even when I was exhausted. I always though that it was important to do so. Not sharing a good dinner or a good movie, is really sad. I wanted to share my feelings, I wanted friends to think through my words, about life, people, world, weather, extremist, war, desert, oceans, God, brakes, HF, food, flies, handling fees, friendship.

Like adding all the colors will provide a wonderful white, all those feeling and many more, would provide life.

My dear RV is tired. It has received many many kisses. Also hard moments going down, fully loaded, into the -1 C antarctic sea, or sneaking the Andes peaks inside thunderstorms. Taking off dragging skis on the runway, or supporting some +45 C in Sudan, or -31 C over the very same South Pole.

She has seen the Iguazu falls , upside down, wetted its wings under Angels Fall, or shaved the Amazonas river.

She has cared of me, making strange noises when I was falling asleep. Of course she has complained when she was not receiving fuel !

Very close to a human being ( of course she has her soul) she has become ill. She got a kind of cold, when 80 kts katabatics salty winds entered her improperly closed canopy when standing at Mario Zucchelli Antarctic Station.

That salt reached everywhere inside and was the responsable of same avionics failure later.

Paint, brakes, scratches, and other fight traces are scattered in her skin.

So, now it is time for both of us to rest, to think and to recover.

We have a beautiful Earth. It is crowded with nice people, but also with a lot of selfish ones. The last ones produce wars, envy, and many bad things.

I have seen a world free of those negative things, infinite horizons, and breathtaking.

I have met extraordinary people, that live all around the world. They have become part of the project. Without them, it would have been difficult to succeed.

No words are enough to thank them. But the feelings are well inside my hearth.

And of course, the people who have been confident on me. Finally, we are talking about people.

When they are part of a big Organization, they have been able to have their Organization to believe and get involved on the Skypolaris project.

I have always told them that I would do my best and that the results were not warranted.

Acciona, Ministerio de Fomento, Fundación Enaire, Real Aeroclub de España, Copac, Aeroclub de Malaga, Fte Jerez, Spidertracks, Rocket Route and crowdfunders: I feel really proud of you all !

University of Granada, Ista, Dr Lucas Alados scientific team: we have retrieve unique and incredible data!. Now, it is time to study it fully, and share that data with the world community.

Not easy to retrieve data with an aethalometer over remote regions, but we did it !

Please, contact me if you have questions, if I can help you, if I can do anything for you.

Still a lot of work is pending, so I still need time, but sure that I will do my best to share with all of you this incredible scientific and flight project.

Thank you, Javier Anadon. I know that you have been helping me from the sky, where sure, you are now.



Real Aeroclub de Málaga / Dec 20, 2016 3:19 pm / Reply

Maybe all of us will make those words a good inspiration for our lives.
Congratulations again, PolarMan.
See you very soon.

Schneider_p / Dec 20, 2016 4:26 pm / Reply

Strong will, good workmanship, expert knowledge, and the aim to achieve 100%. That is what you have shown us, Michel. Congratulations, you deserve the the term PolarMan!
Planning to visit you next year again with my Kitfox Vixen to have the honor of a formation flight with you!

skypolarisadmin / Dec 20, 2016 6:42 pm / Reply

Those are beautiful and very true words Michel! You gave much more than 100% and Major Anadon is very proud of you, a student who listened to his advice and lived his life giving 200% to everything you attempted.

Yannick B / Dec 21, 2016 12:38 am / Reply

Congratulations Michel for this unique achievement and thanks for taking the time and energy to share it ! Enjoy a well deserve rest and a slow return to “normal life” You’ve done it !

Juan M. Gonzalez Arenal / Dec 21, 2016 8:17 pm / Reply

Hermosas palabras estas, como no podía ser de otra manera. Es tu hora del descanso, de la meditación, de la recuperacion. Es la nuestra de la separación de tu aventura diaria, de darte gracias por tu blog.

Yo particularmente algunas veces he admirado a alguien, pero casi nunca lo he envidiado. Eres la excepción de que alguien me inspire los dos sentimientos a la vez. Y con altura y grandeza.

Tan es así que espero que algun día, mas pronto que tarde, te solicite una conversación tranquila para poder saber mas, de primera mano… Gracias por tu maravilloso sueño y por contárnoslo.

Un gran abrazo como el que te di antes del briefing de LECU, en el cesped del RACE, sin remedio. Aquel momento fue el 100% de mi atrevimiento.

Carlos Gosalbez / Dec 30, 2016 8:02 pm / Reply

Enhorabuena Michel,
Un gran logro y un gran ejemplo para aquellos que suenan.
En tu caso se han acumulado tus amplios conocimientos como piloto y tu decidida perseverancia, clave mágica para completar un proyecto único como este.
Espero que tus patrocinadores te propongan realices una audición en sala publica. Estaré allí sin falta.

Un abrazo

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