FAI record

FAI record

It is a great pleasure to inform that the Skypolaris flight around the world over both the Earth poles record, has been ratified by the FAI (International Air Sports Federation), for C1C category (https://www.fai.org/records?record=&page=1&f[0]=field_subclass:164)

It is a world record for that category, the first ever.

All has been posible thanks to the support of all the friends and a lot of work and performance.

A good aircraft, right strategy and of course some luck, has opened a door to the dreams of others, the ones I fully encourage and hope to become true.

We have a beautiful earth. It is indeed impressive and fragile.  It is still unknown and I hope that this flight together with the scientific work done, will help to save it and provide the right legacy to our future.


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