Go going

Go going

Not easy, not easy

I think that I know how far I can go, but I don´t know how far can go the others, and I can tell you, that those last days have been very hard

No time to rest, and even the night was not for that. Not my habit, I awaked many times with my brain running fast and my imagination too.

Almost every step, the ones that have been fixed, returned to be fixed again and again

Last Friday was the no return limit for Algery and Tchad decision.

The Algery Embassy people were kind, but it was not enough. Tamanrasset is a special area, and almost mandatory to be taken care by somebody else. Even providing them everything and begging them to speed up the visa, was no sense. Still at this very moment, the visa is not provided.

Plan B was already in mind and the new route was the final one, that past Friday.

Africa is Africa. Avgas is an issue. Visas are another story. For instance, I had to send my passport to Paris, with the visa fee in cash inside the letter, plus more money for the Chad Embassy to send me back the passport

Next was Ndjamena refuelling… no avgas, and no way to have permit confirmed to have mogas into the airport.

Even the french TOTAL fuel representatives didn´t confirm they could have their fuel inside the airport for my airplane.

The plan B was Cameroon, but the local truck drivers wanted even $5000 to transport two drums from the south Douala to north Garoua. I didn´t feel confident on that.

For landing permits, I found no way to be cleared by myself, so I contacted Fly for that purpose and I can say that they have been helpful and fast responsive. But they deal mainly with jet aviation and finally I turned to GASE, to Eddie Gould.

They have helped a lot of earthrounders and light airplanes pilots. They are now working on my permits.

But again the fate hits my head, and Malta together with Kenya, ask for many many documents, explanations, translations, so a few hours ago I still didn´t have their clearances.

Again plan B was supported by plan C.

Kerkira would be the alternate route for Malta, and Uganda-Tanzania, for Kenya.

Fortunately, Kenya has provided the clearance , but for Extra Extra Large (XXL).

But I am not so extra large, so it is necessary to change the clearance to XLL, that is my aircraft registration

Malta looks like they are going to provide the clearance, but right now, I still not have it, and I should arrive there this Sunday…

I was so angry that I already confirmed to GASE that my aircraft didn´t have intergalactic laser communication systems (so many things they asked for.., noise certificate, ADS B, and so)

Now I need rest, I need to rest the way I know: closing to the thunderstorms, playing with the winds, and doing aerobatics when peeing.

Tomorrow is the day D. A full project will see its light (I hope).

First goal, to reach Kenya. Second, to reach Australia, and then, the big one: to cross Antarctica.

Atlantic is not piece of cake either, so that is the four one.

Last wednesday, I had a good lunch with my Robledillo airport mates, and today, two of them escorted me a few miles when I flew into Cuatro Vientos. Nice moments to remember !


Tomorrow, conference press, and depart to Casarrubios to refuel and fly to Menorca. It will be again a long day.

So, game starts…

The plane is ready, good tracking system with Spidertacks and really helpul flight preparation with Rocket Route software (that is becoming better and better)

I will try to share my feeling with all of you. Also I know that it is a risky and hard adventure, so I hope to be able to keep going and going.

Very glad that the Spanish Government helps, specially the Enaire Foundation, the spanish pilots College COPAC, and the big one ACCIONA, that will able this flight and mind ourselves about the global warming and the clean energies, without forgetting all the other ones.





Juan Manuel Gonzalez Arenal / Oct 1, 2016 12:49 am / Reply

Que Dios te acompañe en estas etapas. Confiamos en que que tu saber y prudencia se unan para conseguir el fin propuesto. Apunta lo que sientes cuando sobrevueles el Polo Sur y nos lo cuentas a la vuelta.

skypolarisadmin / Oct 1, 2016 4:54 am / Reply

Bon Voyage and Bon Suarte Michel! Keep safety above all other thoughts.

Don Pearsall, Sky Polaris Admin

Julio De Zavala Matteini / Oct 1, 2016 1:00 pm / Reply

Good luck Captain Gordillo!!

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