Just a short video, for you to imagine

To imagine sitting in this RV8, in the middle of peace, just the engine turning at its pacing.

Then let your mind fly, even if you have been sitting for some eight hours.

Imagine what would be do if the engine sputters, or the prop just stop turning.

Imagine that already cold water that was boiling a few hours before, and have a drink.

Imagine where you would land, how you would call somebody, and wait.

There, only the silence of infinity is around.

What a privilege to feel that moment.

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skypolarisadmin / May 2, 2016 3:41 am / Reply

Michel, your endurance and ability to fly the airplane hours and hours at a time are amazing. Many pilots doing this would have fallen asleep, turned back in fear, or froze to death. No wonder you are only one of a very few pilots to accomplish flying around the world “The Hard Way”

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