Meeting a Goose at a parking lot

Meeting a Goose at a parking lot


It is a strange to write about what seems already really far away. Last time I have had time to do it,was when I have arrived into Windsor, after a lot of stress due to the situation with USA. Not easy to fly long distances without a clearance to land. Any aircraft failure, bad weather, or just a health problem, could be conditioned and safety too.

As you know, I had studied alternatives would USA not allow me to fly overhead. The first one would have turned to fly the FIR (Flight Information Region) boundary between Cuba and USA, to reach Bahamas. From there, I would have flown overwater and away of the ADIZ (a kind of Defense Border) into St Johns, north East of Canada.

The other route would have been similar, but flying the west coast.

This long endurance RV8 is able to do it, but again, I have to say that the supervisor´s decision to ¨punish¨ had more consequences that he would never understand (and care).

Windsor was like paradise for me. I was so happy there that I went to a nice restaurant to celebrate my own arrival. BBQ ribs and a nice cheesecake were really satisfying. Finally, I felt a big relax.


What a mistake !!!

Next day was used for shopping. I needed to buy a flare gun, as the one Don got for me (a huge caliber one) stayed with him as I couldn´t land at Sun and Fun. Also I needed to buy a thermos bottle.


The cockpit temperature is so low that water freeze really soon, so I decided to carry two thermos bottles with boiling water, to be able to drink during the flight.

Also I got lighter gloves than the survival ones, and a scarf. The flare gun was a 12 gauge one, more powerful that the small Air Force ones I was carrying. The flares were intended for the white bears, would I land somewhere away of an airport.

Problem was that during the weekend, almost no buses were available and I had to walk a lot, under rain and snow, with my polar jacket and backpack. There was a moment I had to ask a driver at a red light, about the proper direction for the Mall…

He was really afraid !! He didn´t want to answer me. Also his family was afraid. They really thought that I will rob them, or attack them. May be they just thought that I was a beggar….

The fact is that when I returned to my hotel´s room, I looked myself on the mirror….and I understood why they were so afraid. I was even afraid of myself !!!

When I later returned to the airport to have the airplane refueled, I met very nice people there. There is a group called Canadian Historical Aircraft Association at #7 E.F.T.S. Hangar that soon took care of me. They provided me a lot a support, took me around for more shopping and even I was invited for dinner at their home. Also the TV was called and there was a nice report made about the flight.

I loved visiting their hangar. One of the jewels was a Mosquito airplane that was built there. A beautiful workmanship where to stare for hours. Only pity is that even if she is built to be flyable, the initial goal is that she would never fly unless bought but somebody who wants to fly her.



I was also impressed by the Halifax WW2 bomber. What a huge airplane and what a huge bombs bays !!!


They also provided me advice to avoid the engine to become cold during the flight: just stick some american tape at the engine inlets !!! Be careful and wait for colder temperatures, not the ones at Windsor. Closing 1/4 to 1/3 of the inlet should be right.


Relax was to be over. Weather was not as good and predictions were not either. The risk to be blocked there was too high would I rest some more time.

The advisable route was over Canada. The Rocket Route program predicted icing was not compatible with that route, and flying again USA was not nice for me….

After a brainstorming night, I decided to push for the safe route: flying west over prohibited lands!

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 22.18.58

Icing chances

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MR JOE / May 3, 2016 8:32 pm / Reply

Hey Capt RTW traveller.I was able to read part of your journey. Cold Water? Next time you are near a shopping center, or Truckstop, automotive store. See if they have 12 Volt Immersion heaters, if you have Cigarette plug, you could heat up your cold drinks or soups en route.
OK, Amigo, enjoy the rest of your RTW journey.

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