Natal to Cabo Verde – Atlantic Crossing

Natal to Cabo Verde – Atlantic Crossing


Today, 12/7/2016 at 0953 UTC, the Sky Polaris Project once again is making an oceanic crossing. Earlier today Michel received clearance to depart South America and fly the very same route he flew in February – only in the opposite direction!

Captain Michel is now piloting the RV-8 from the coastal city of Natal, Brazil with the goal of landing at the Island Nation of Cabo Verde – 10 hours of flying time.

Long flights covering very long distances are becoming normal for Captain Gordillo. Just try sitting in the drivers seat  in your automobile while driving for 10 hours without stopping. Not being able to move, eating and drinking very little, constantly looking at the instrument panel, looking out the canopy, reading maps, navigating, looking for the weather ahead. Never being able to close your eyes for an instant. This takes incredible stamina and determination. And this is why only a few people in the world have ever done what Michel Gordillo is doing now.

Continue following the flight with our SpiderTracks flight tracking system. Just click HERE for the tracking page.

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