Those days are really a nightmare !

So many things are happening that I have almost no time spare.

It is like devils getting up and rounding Skypolaris all the time.

Clearances for South America are to be fighted. I have never had so many problems in my 1998 and 2001 flights. Not even with Russia nor China.

Sometime in the future, when back from the first half of this round the World, I will explain what is happening. All that I can say, is that it is crazy and really require a lot of perseverance and why not…faith !

The aethalometer is finally at home. Now, bad weather is preventing to test it in flight. So, I will have to wait. Its delivery, by TNT transport was scheduled to be for the afternoon of last friday. Urgent service was converted in a late and bad one. Finally, it was delivered next Monday in the evening.

Every step is time consuming. Again, I think that I will rest during the flight.

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