papers and papers

papers and papers

Overflight permits are not always easy.

When someone compares countries, we can go from very easy or really being quite concerned.

Brasil permit has required a lot of documents to be sent. Even finally, the Spanish Civil Aviation has sent an email providing them with more documents. So finally the clearance arrived.

Another big issue is the Aethalometer. After a nightmare history, I will arrive next Monday, so I will have to race to have it tested and operating.

Soon I will try to see if everything fits in the plane (I don´t want to be a naked pilot).

Monday I will be provided with a Heed III device. It is a small compressed air bottle used mainly by helicopter crews, when ditching. The purpose is to provide a few air shots and provide  chance to survive when exiting the wrecked airplane from underwater.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 13.40.12

Hard is going to be to receive the GPS PLB. The one is the same model used by the Spanish Air Force and send a signal in 406 mhz, with GPS position. Also, the best off all, provides the possibility of VHF communication: a must to home the rescue aircraft to someone position.

I have removed (launched) the belly tank, as it is not necessary for this first northern hemisphere´s flight. I will install it back in October, for Antarctica.

Soon, the web tracking will be available: keep watching

Also to remind you that your crowdfunding is very important and provides more miles to to project !



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