Plus Ultra

Plus Ultra

Spanish record long range flights were very important in the nineteen twenties and thirties. Destinations were selected to spanish related  countries, because Spain, always had a special feeling and love for those countries, as Philippines, Cuba, Argentina and Mexico.

In fact, my 2001 round the world flight was to commemorate the Patrulla Elcano and Jorge Loring flights into Manila.

Now, I will be flying most  of the path of the PLUS ULTRA Dornier Wal flight into Argentina.

That aircraft, the original one, is displayed at Lujan city, west of Buenos Aires, some 300 meters away from my hotel.

It was a very special feeling to be so close of that legend, the first aircraft to cross the Atlantic ocean, one year before the Spirit of St Louis did in just one flight.

I didn´t want to fly into a big area like Buenos Aires so I was told that a good place to stay was General Rodriguez airfield, where Argentina Experimental Aircraft Association headquarter is located.


Buenos Aries EAA

I knew that I would like the place and the people !
And I was right !

They didn’t know I was arriving, but soon, many knew about the crazy Spaniard that came across the Pole.

Soon I was introduced to Hector, who hosted me all my stay.

He is a very good aircraft builder, and nice person.  I like his work on a Pitts aircraft he was cloth covering when I arrived.


Mariano was soon there, and offered me a place in his hangar.

Both provided me all the tools I needed to fix the Icom Radio and also the damned aethalometer noise into my VHF radios.

The diode didn’t fix the background noise returning from the aethalometer into the aircraft electrical DC, so I had to find alternative solution.

Ferrite was the answer, but it was not available at the Lujan electronic store. So I bought a USB cable, the kind that has two ferrites close to the ends. They were not removable, but you know….

Also I made the 50 hrs inspection. That one should be enough to have my dear RV back to Spain. Oil was in quite good condition. The engine is now ¨softer¨.

I met Ernesto Aserbo, pilot of Rans Aerobatic Team, leader by Falistoco. It was very nice to learn about his airplane and how they perform those incredible aerobatics. Look for them in internet and you will understand what I am saying.

But not all was flying, it was building also.

What a beautiful B25 bomber restoration is made there. And what a nice guy the guru of aluminium craftsmanship !


B-25 Restoration

But, as always, it was time to leave. Again the bad weather was coming and again I had to turn the engine starter on !

Winditv predictions were right again and I finally flew the leading edge of the incoming cold front.

Unfortunately, predicted headwinds were there also.

Flight was peaceful, and I was happy to have my VHF 2 radio fixed !

But joy was to be short: VHF 1 radio has failed also !!!

I followed most of the time, the Parana river. It is the border line between Uruguay and Argentina, so it was easy to see the border line. What a huge and deep river ! I saw heavy ships navigating inside.


Amazing land patterns


Fundación Enaire, the second biggest sponsor of Skypolaris



Soon, I was approaching the center of the three border lines. Three countries, one point. Three LOP (Line Of Position) and one fix (sorry, memories of my navigator´s time) : and that fix  iiiiiiiiiiis:

Iguazu Falls !


Iguazu Falls – the largest falls system in the world

I was in radio contact with Uruguay, so I told the Controller about my wishes. Soon I was under Iguazu Controller who kindly approved my request but I had to keep myself in  the Argentinian side of the Falls

A pity that altitude approved was so high.

You know….I am becoming older and need to be closer to see better 🙂 !


The falls turn sideways!

But going closer could mean inserting a helicopter with the Aethalometer probe, and that one is biiiig !

I think that this time I just made one landing. It should be the last one in Argentina in this flight. I will miss everyday in that special and nice country !

The propeller was cooling the aircraft and myself, because It was really hot.

Mixture back, some prop turns, aircraft shaking, just the noise of the gyro. Then….master switch Off, silence , silence.


Juan Manuel Gonzalez Arenal / Nov 26, 2016 10:52 am / Reply

Insisto. Aqui, en estas notas, tienes una apasionante historia que contar. Lo esperamos.

Angel / Nov 26, 2016 12:45 pm / Reply

Cómo disfrutas de saltamontes polar, haciendo historia y aventura. Además de los relatos, colgarás alguna foto de las cataratas de Iguazú. Eso esperamos. Abrazos.

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