Rear Fuel Tank

Rear Fuel Tank

la foto-5 The rear fuel tank is approaching its final building. There is really a lot of work on it, from the designing to the completion. Many many parameters are taken in account and there is always a kind of feeling that ¨what happens if…¨.

Next day, I will install the left side panel, and then, before closing the tank, I will test for fuel leakage and also for the proper operation of the fuel dump valve.

Working with the sealing compound is really a messy stuff. I have Proseal even in my teeth! ( don´t ask me how, because I don´t know).

The time is running fast. There is a lot of things that have to be done before departure. I know that sensation from my other flights, it is really frightening.

The US Marine Corps states that ¨TENACITY¨ is much better than STUBBORNNESS¨ . I fully agree and I think that the key of the success is to keep going.

Also I would like to encourage everybody to sponsor this project. Today in Spain we celebrate the World Environment Day: this flight will open our minds into the quest for cleaner energies. The study of the Black Carbon over remote areas will provide interesting cues and hopefully, a better control and reduction of that air pollutant in the future



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Don Pearsall / Jun 6, 2015 5:50 am / Reply

WOW! that is a big tank! Good job Michel. It just seems like it is too big for the plane but I know it is not. That will hold a lot of gasoline!

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