12 days to go.

Nightmares, fighting, some good news, and a lot of faith.

That is what have been those last days, with only one thing in common: no rest.

I have received the new stby horizon, from Kanardia (Horis model)

What a nice device !

Only bad thing is that I damaged the screen with a screwdriver, when installing it. Once the flight is completed, I will send it for screen change.

I have tested it in flight and loved the quality of the display and how the information is provided.

Would I have known about it before, I would have got the 3 inches ones, instead of the RC Allen Efis as main Horizon.

Also I have received the Spidertracks 6, Iridium Satellite tracking system.


They are sponsoring the flight, but I have to tell you that what I state is not linked to that. It is just my feeling: what a nice system! -Even the box, the way it is presented, is wonderful. Opening the box, is knowing the rest of the story.

Very very easy to install and use, and now, the new Spidertxt !!!

Although it is not available for everybody yet, I will be testing the beta version. I will be able to receive and send sms straight from my ipad, and communicate on real time.

Don Pearsall, the web Master, is working for everybody to be able to track the airplane. Not only you, but a lot Search and Rescue staff , so safety will be much improved.

In fact, many helicopters fying inside Antarctica, use Spidertracks !!!

The airplane is almost ready. I have fixed some issues that appeared upon installation of the new devices (GPS geo-reference for the aethalometer), new HF antenna, and also the Directional Gyro.

Many times, the easy way is the better way to fix or improve things.

Now, for instance, the HF antenna is just held by a tie, at its exit attach from the plane, near the tail wheel.

Air back flow inside the cockpit is also fixed. It was really a silly thing 🙂

Also the increase heating system (heat muff installed parallel) works perfect, so I think I will feel better inside the cockpit than in Artic.

The skis installation is complete. I feel very grateful to Patrick Gilligan. Without him and his wife, those skis would be never available. In fact, they are right now flying half the world, to be waiting for me at Hobart.

Par Avion, a Hobart flight enterprise ( is going to receive the skis (thank you, Greg) and take care of them until my arrival. They are located at Cambridge Airport, some 1,5 kms from Hobart Airport. Also they will provide their help and support before I depart into Antarctica.

All was possible thank to the Aeroclub of South Tasmania (Thank you Don Prairie!).

In fact, all the people I have contacted in Australia are very kind and helpful. That is quite welcome !

Africa is still to be cleared. Many many problems, starting with Visas. And also fuel.

The main problem is communication, because receiving answers is like sending the request inside a bottle and throw it overboard.

I have even considered stopping North of Cameroon. I have got concerned about Mogas quality at N´Djamena (Tchad), but finally, I can refuel from french Total brand, that is a good fuel).

Sending Avgas from Douala into Garoua (North Cameroon) was the goal. I wrote emails to some 14 transport enterprises. Only two answered.

One asked $6000 to transport two drums of avgas (1500 kms ground transportation). He was even no kind when I asked him if there was a mistake in his amount: sure he was asking $600 !!!

Later on, he was a little bit more correct, and asked me how much I would pay.

The other one asked me $3000. I told him that I was flying on a small budget and that I could not hire him.

He asked me how much I could offer, but I didn´t offer him anything. Later one, the price was $1500.

The french Air Force is may be, going to help me over Tchad, to transport fuel from the gas station into the airport. If finally approved, and also the visa, I will go there.

Also Total Aviation at Tchad is studying if they provide avgas ferrying it also from Douala (Cameroon), but I still have to wait for their answer ( …you know… I will call you this afternoon…).

Algeria is still a ¨don´t know¨. They wanted a ask for a tourist guide at Tamanrasset, to clear the visa. The Hotel letter was not enough. The key is safety overthere. You might remember why Paris-Dakar rally was cancelled in Africa.

Now, an algerian friend of Javier Alsonso (Spanish Geographic Society), is helping me a lot, so may be next week, I get the Algeria visa.

Tamanrasset has no Avgas, so I will load the plane from Spain into Tchad. Not very happy with the idea to fly central Sahara on the heavy side of the airplane !

Uganda, no answers from their Civil Aviation despite a first contact and many bottles with a message inside (may be the ocean doesn´t reach Uganda?).

I could tell you thousands of details, the ones that drive me nuts, but I have no more time left for that.

Another good news !!!!: the spanish Government is supporting Skypolaris. The Ministry of ¨Fomento¨ was faithful to her offer to help the project. So, that is really nice.


It is important for all of us, the Skypolaris team, to feel that support. We are not alone !

Some other chances for sponsorship are open. Meetings are waiting and then, the according decisions.

Time, time and time, is what I need. Sometimes, I fall asleep at the end of the day. Other times, no way to rest, as what it is left of my brain ( you know, old technology with old disk drive) , is busy to find solutions.

Soon, freedom of flight will be present. Fuel selector valves, temperatures, fuel flow, communications in different english, turbulence, wind, icing….so, just in a word: relax !

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Schneider_p / Sep 19, 2016 5:01 pm / Reply

Dear Michel,
great achievements, very good to hear!! I wish you all the best, good luck and always blue skies on the way down into the cold! Take your time, it is still -50 C over the pole…

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