South Pole – Only 14,500 km From Madrid!

South Pole – Only 14,500 km From Madrid!

If all goes well and according to Captain Michel Gordillo’s plan, he will depart Madrid, Spain on the second half of the Sky Polaris project. On October 1, 2016 He and his very customized RV-8 experimental aircraft will fly over the Mediterranean, the huge continent of Africa, cross the great expanse of the Indian Ocean, Australia, and the Antarctic. Destination? The earth’s South Pole!


Thanks to the wonderful and generous sponsors and individual donors, this project is a reality that can be achieved. No other small, single-pilot experimental aircraft in history will have successfully gone this distance and through such hazardous conditions. The goal of course is to gather data to study the effects of carbon particles in remote regions. But it is much more than that – it is to prove that given talent, engineering, perseverance, and dedication, impossible things can be done.

In fact Captain Gordillo has already done the impossible by completing the first half of the project – Flying from Madrid to south and north America and crossing the North Pole. That was dangerous and very difficult, but this part of the project is much more so. If there is only one person on Earth who can accomplish this, it is Michel Gordillo.

Please follow the flight with our improved tracking system provided by SpiderTracks. Michel’s location will be shown in real-time showing altitude, speed, and direction. Please track the flight on the Flight Tracking page of this site.

Michel will provide Sky Polaris HQ with his experiences along the way by posting messages right here. We will also make posts here with news as soon as it becomes available.

Even with the help of sponsors and donors the cost of the project still exceeds the donations received. Please consider donating to this project. Click here to find out how you can help Michel complete phase two of the Sky Polaris Project!

Thank you!.


Julio De Zavala Matteini / Sep 30, 2016 11:07 am / Reply

Good luck in this exciting adventure, Captain Gordillo!!

Jose del Peso / Sep 30, 2016 3:24 pm / Reply

Hola Michell:
Mañana comienzas la segunda parte de esta gran aventura.
Disfruta cada segundo desde el despegue y comparte con todos los
que te seguimos esos momentos mágicos que, sin duda, vas a experimentar.
Mucha suerte y un fuerte abrazo.
José del Peso

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