Spanish Polar Committee

Spanish Polar Committee

This flight around the world plans to fly across Antartica.

All activities there are subjected to regulations and clearances- Skypolaris too.

Since long long time, all the procedures to get that clearance where started and now, the full process is about to end.

Today, I have been talking to the Spanish Polar Committee and I have been told that may be in two weeks, I will have an answer. So far, after many exchanges, I think that the clearance will be granted.

As you know, Skypolaris is a scientific project. A government project that not only need the approval of the spanish Committee, but also the support from the Antartica crossing path related countries and Committees.

Next week, there is a huge meeting to be held at Sofia

APECS is organizing its first APECS World Summit in Sofia, Bulgaria from 6 – 8 June 2015! Since its success during the International Polar Year (IPY), APECS has been grown significantly. Today, APECS’s membership counts about 5000 early career scientists, mentors and educators with interests in the Polar Regions in over 80 countries. But APECS has also evolved institutionally with currently 26 National Committees (NCs) across all continents – except Antarctica. The APCES World Summit 2015 “The Future of Polar Research” is an initiative to bring representatives of APECS’ leadership and NCs together to discuss the future of polar research, APECS’ experiences in communicating science and new challenges APECS wants to tackle in the near future. Integrated in the summit are workshops covering three key topics:

polar data sharing and open science,
science communication and education & outreach initiatives,
the APECS network and its future directions.

In that meeting, the spanish Committee will contact Australia, New Zealand, England, USA, Chile, Argentina and Italia representatives to coordinate Skypolaris flight and support, so that is really good news.

We keep our fingers crossed….!


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