Spanish RVs meeting

Spanish RVs meeting

Last weekend, the spanish RVs meeting was held at Matilla Airfield, a very nice aerodrome close to the city of Valladolid (NW of Madrid). Thank you Pascual and Juanjo!

RVs number is increasing in Spain, and there even was the first RV12 attendance

Plenty of flights, some aerobatics and a lot of talking.

In the evening, we enjoyed a late dinner (around 2300 LT) and I presented Skypolaris project.

Everybody got interested and somehow dreaming (one was dreaming so much that he fell asleep!)

Sunday, before returning home, we visited some of the castles in the area, most from the 15 century. A nice trip!

Of course, Paula didn´t allow me a closer look !

El fin de semana pasado se celebró la reunión anual de RVs en el aeródromo de Matilla, cerca de Valladolid. Muchas gracias Pascual y Juanjo !

Poco a poco aumenta el número de RVs en España, y contamos incluso con a presencia del primer RV12 matriculado con EC.

Muchos vuelos, acrobacía y mucha charla.

Por la tarde y después de la cena, presenté el proyecto Skypolaris-Cielo Polar. Todos los asistentes estuvieron muy interesados y algunos soñaron (incluso uno soñó tanto que se quedó frito!).

El domingo, durante el vuelo de regreso, visitamos algunos castillos de la zona, la mayoría del siglo XV.

Fue un vuelo muy bonito a pesar de que Paula no me dejase ¨acercarme¨ más.


skypolarisadmin / Jul 6, 2015 11:59 pm / Reply

Very good report Michel. I hope the RV owners you met contribute to this important project and tell their friends to contribute too.

That is a great photo of the castle! Five hundred years ago could those Spanish castle owners have imagined that in the future there would be airplanes flying over their home? What will be flying over that castle in another 500 years? Think about that.

Michel will be remembered in 500 years as the FIRST Spanish pilot to fly around the world in a small aircraft. Like Juan Ponce de Leon, Hernando de Soto, Amerigo Vespucci, and other famous explorers, his name will be part of history.

or will it?

Those famous explorers had a dream, but they were not able to make that dream come true and become part of history without the help of others. Those explorers explained the importance of their dream to others and were able to convince those who shared their dream to support them.

Sky Polaris is how we tell you about the dream. If enough people, corporations, governments, and private organizations contribute to the dream, it will come true!

Please become part of the dream. Put Spanish explorers back into the history books by giving your support .

Thank you
The Sky Polaris Team
If you have any questions about this important project, please just ask.

Michel Gordillo – World Explorer

Don Pearsall – Team organizer.

Schneider_p / Jul 11, 2015 3:27 pm / Reply

Hola Michel,
you will be very welcome to Würzburg and my home, when the flight is getting to start into reality. I will provide you with fuel necessary to reach your next destination and waive your landing fee.
There is also a friend of mine in Norway who might welcome you, should you plan to land at Alesund Vigra, in the middle of Norways Atlantic coast. He is also a Kitfox Vixen owner and he has many connections to airport guys as a former airliner captain and fighter pilot.
Best regards, Peter

Michel Gordillo / Jul 12, 2015 8:00 pm / Reply

Hi Peter
Thank you very much for your nice message and support.
You know that I will visit you!
Thanks for the Alesund Vigra contact. It is nice to meet your friends!
Best regards

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