The Sky Polaris Flight

The Sky Polaris Flight

Not a single engine aircraft weighing less than 1500 kilograms has flown around the world over the poles.

Endurance is one of the most important key of the project, altogether with survival.

The flight will be overflying remote areas, deserted or human free areas, like huge oceans, deserts and the hard Antarctica.

It is a flight that requires a lot of study, and perseverance.

Crossing Africa now, is not safe. Ebola in the west, Boko Haram in the center and unstable countries are not easy for unscheduled landings.

Cold water next to the Arctic and Antarctic, are not easy to survive, because even if oneself is localized, to get there for an aircraft or ship, would take a long time. Not to say if that happens over iced remote areas.

As you can see, it is a beautiful project, as scientific as it is aeronautical and also as human point of view.

A lot of work has been already done and many people are involved.

Now the dream is about to become true. I still donĀ“ t have the green light in every single item, but I think I will get everything ready.


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