Tired even before starting.

All of you who know about that kind of flights are already aware of what I mean.

A lot of people imagine that we are lucky guys, looking the world through the window, and discovering many things.

Even though it is true, the price to pay is very high.

Preparation takes really a long time, it is even expensive and a true check about ourselves.

Every single country has its rules. The most advanced one can be very difficult and same happens with the other end.

Some countries surprise me: everything is easy. Others, a true nightmare.

I am fully involved now with passport visas. Africa is not only another continent, it is another world. If I want to fly across, I have to adapt for it.

Let us say Tchad: for europeans, the Embassy is located at Paris. I have already sent my passport via mail, but also included, is the return envelope and cash to pay for the return stamps. I have to pay the visa fees (70 euros), but the only system provided is to include also that amount in cash !!!

Now we talk about Kenya and we find a well organized visa system. In fact, we are talking about electronic visa, same as Australia. Much easier to get.

Another matter are the landing permits. Still some countries don´t use email for that purpose, and that complicate all the communications. Finally, the phone calls are the first way to start the procedures.

The Skypolaris track cross many , let us say, dangerous areas. The danger is not in form of a lion or snake, but is form of human (or not so) being. I really wish my engine to keep running over those areas !

Fuel is another issue. For instance, Cocos Islands do have Mogas fuel and my engine is approved for that fuel. But I am being told that the fuel local provider has a policy of not providing Mogas to an airplane, so I have had ordered fuel from Australia to be sent to Cocos. The guys are Cocos are very helpful and kind, so I have no complain. But flight preparation is harder and more expensive.

My dear Spanish Polar Committee is still working on my antarctica clearances. Not always easy as it happens that closed and approved clearances are often questioned…

The second landing spot is still not clear. Nor Argentina, Chile or England have granted the final permit. Same thing happens with ALE ( Antarctic Logistics Expeditions): they want the USA EPA to confirm what the Spanish Polar Committee states, and then, they would decide if the help and how they do it.

Sponsorship so far is ZERO. Not a single euro has been approved yet….

Also I have requested sponsorship from different equipment/avionics provider, and the answer is the same….: a big sorry, we cannot !

The aircraft heating system has been installed. The new Aveo landing lights have proven to be worthless. Same thing: they are kind and ready to return the money, but the installation is done and I don´t want an open hole where it is located at the bottom of the fuselage.

I complained about its power: just some 30 foot range are ¨illuminated¨. They say that the light complies with the standards, and that I couldn´t get more from its low price….

So now, I will use both, the Aveo as taxi lights, and the original High Intensity wing one as landing light (and I will widen ¨its box opening¨ to have also a wider beam).

I have ordered an intelligent box to be installed between my headsets and the aircraft audio. That box would allow the cell phone and satellite phone to be ¨online¨ with the aircraft. That way, it will be easier for me to communicate.

Patrick, from Canada, is working hard on the skis. I feel really grateful with his support. He is not only helping, he is actuating like a good friend.

Soon I will receive the items I need for the pre-installation of the skis. Final installation will be fast, a matter of ten minutes. It will be done at Hobart, before the flight to Antarctica.

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 18.58.04

I have even studied the results of ditching with skis. I would have more chances to avoid a flip over using skis instead of wheels.

As you can see, many many things (not all listed) are going on. And that doesn´t leave a lot of time to write reports.

Sorry about that.

Departure is scheduled for October the 1st. I am doing all that I can do to reach that goal. I hope that I get rid of all the issues I am finding and fly free later on.

As my friend Matevz states: we all cross our fingers !

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