When the game changes

When the game changes

Flying Antarctica is magic, even dramatic. The few who decide to go ahead will feel the extreme weather and conditions.

As you all know, Skypolaris was in danger when crossing Antarctica. The question is not the danger of ice, or engine failure, or headwinds. The danger is the support. The ones that without any apparent reasons, or so far no explained ones, deny the landings, deny refuelling and even answering the radio calls on emergency frequencies, putting at risk a real important scientific project, approved by the Spanish Government and under the rules of COMNAP.

We are talking about Antarctic Logistic Expedition ( A.L.E.) , a US private profit enterprise operating in Antarctica, and about the British Antarctic Survey (B.A.S.).

BAS explained the Spanish Government that they didn´t support single engine aircraft operations and also single pilot operation. The BAS fly their twin Otter aircrafts with one pilot.

I still remember that they made it clear that if I landed at Rothera, I would not have fuel. Not even the 200 liters requested that would have allowed me to fly from Mario Zucchelli into Marambio with the skis installed, making an emergency landing posible.

Also they denied to track my airplane, as they should have done, according to SAR procedures in Antarctica.

Why I am returning to this after two years?.

It is because of the recent flight of two single engine airplanes, that attempted (and glad they made it) http://www.tbm.aero/tag/antarctica/

They flew without any known scientific project, and they were supported by BAS, at Sky Blu runway, and even provided fuel. Their goal was to reach latitude 75 S in order to get a FAI diploma….

Sure, I feel glad about that great project, but also sad because of politics, or games that I don´t understand.

So far I know that BAS was quite disturbed because myself explaining to everybody what has happened.

It is a mutual feeling, but the big difference is that they never provided an explanation on their behaviour…

Now there is at least one one new beautiful project. I hope and desire it gets all the support needed, that is really the key of success.

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